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A dynamic team, committed to the Great Terroirs of Bordeaux

Managing Director: Bruno David

General Manager: Rémi Molis

Marketing Manager: Guillaume Fauqueur

Sales Managers - France:

On & off-premise sales: Jacques Olivier, Arnaud Plard

Key Account Manager: Rémi Molis, Guillaume Fauqueur

Sales Managers - Export:

Benelux: Dominique Stephan

Germany, Denmark: Philippe Maurette

Swiss: Bruno David

UK, Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia: Camille Alby

USA, Latin America, Middle East: François Villars

Canada: Guillaume Fauqueur

Brazil: Rémi Molis

Asia: Stéphane Denis

Japan, Africa, Oceania: Denis De La Salle

Logistics Director: Serge Fellous